1. neko nathaniel
    woooooooooo i love anime and wow never is along time for not posting lol thats no fun
  2. fellhound001
    If you don't mind i joined to help a little group out. If you want me to find a pic from anime just ask.
  3. neko nathaniel
    wooo ha i got sume one to join lol this grup was at the end of the list and it sed the last post was never so ised what the hell lol and joined i mend thats what ao is about ...anime
  4. fellhound001
    nathanael is my little brother he just wanted to be in the same group as me. So don't be mean to him ok.
  5. neko nathaniel
    lol me mean never lol im always nice and will do anything twice lol so whats up?
  6. fellhound001
    *JEZZE* It's so quiet some one say something! so bored.
  7. fellhound001
    I have missed so much in my absent, so whats up guys?
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