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  1. Kiani Haki22
    yeah, I thought it was weird to, but then again I love weird things cause I am weird lol.
  2. Darkened_Star
    I liked the series though. The ending chapters were weirder than the begining though. lol
  3. PhoenixSara
    most stories can ba bit weird if you are not diverse in your reading
  4. Darkened_Star
    I just couldn't get into Absolute Boyfriend. I couldn't put myself in her shoes and that's what i usually do when i read. XD
  5. KawaiiKieanna
    Hi guys!! I'm new to this group,and glad to be in it!! XD,I love manga and anime!!Also,im looking for friends,hope we can talk sometimes and befriend each other!!
  6. PhoenixSara
    sure why not friends are welcome******************
  7. DemonicKagomeTahoshi
    Hey guy's, i'm new to the group, and hoping i can be friends with you guys... btw cool pics.
  8. KawaiiKieanna
    what's up everyone?! droped by just to leave a message.hope everyone is doing ok!,kay,bye!XD!!
  9. Kiani Haki22
    Oh yeah, well I love the weird stories with interesting plots. Because me myself I have always wanted something weird and interesting to happen to me. That is why I favor the weird mangas lol. ^^
  10. Darkened_Star
    I think that's why I've been favoring the romance manga's lately. I always try to put my fiance as one of the guys in one where's theres more than one guy. The girl usually ends up with that guy. It makes me happy ^^

    Anyone know of any good oneshots. I've read all of the ones my friend has and I was wondering if you guys knew of any?
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