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  1. rematche
    that's a good series..........also is gaogaigar. after all, it's the king of braves. plus, i like using them on super robot wars games.
  2. LuisCastellari
    I just watched the first 5 eps. of GaoGaiGar...sweet.
  3. LuisCastellari
    Hey, anybody know the news of the possible Tetsujin 28 movie by Imagi Studios? Looks to be an event. Let's hope it comes to fruition...
  4. rematche
    hhhmmmm....i heard something like that but it's still uncertain.
  5. thefallenangel
    my fave mecha has to be gundam 00. though i do like gurren lagan.
  6. sidian
    My favorite is Gundam 00 as well, season 1 of course, but my second is Gundam Unicorn.
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