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  1. kaki tori kaizoku
    i remeber zoids... i loved that show... although i never saw the ending. the first mecha show i ever saw was either gundam wing or escaflowne(if it counts).
  2. rematche
    @kaki tori kaizoku
    well escaflowne is a neo super robot. so, it's still a super robot.
    and as for me...i know a tons of mechas and all thanks to one video game--the super robot wars series. it's the only rpg tactical game in the whole world that puts together all anime mechas.
  3. rematche
    ah's really good but it's successors are a bit disappointing though.
  4. kaki tori kaizoku
    its hard to find anime picks of zoids... i keep getting the toy models... what ever happen to it. the first is always the best.
  5. rematche
    @kaki tori kaizoku
    there are only 2 zoids anime series that i consider to be good:
    Chaotic Century
    New Century Zero
  6. Hypercat2000
    i think what happened to the episodes is that, they thought of better shows, and decided to get rid of Zoids.
  7. rematche
    not really. i think the writers just ran out of ideas to per long the franchise.
  8. Hypercat2000
    that could be true as well. oh well, at least my brother owns a lot of the episodes that came out on video.
  9. kaki tori kaizoku
    thats proably true. that usually happens with long series... i only watch one series. i don't even know which one i watched.
  10. Hypercat2000
    i know that, i try to watch a lot of series at once, it seems impossible, but, it is possible.
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