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  1. rematche
    wha? i suggest you should watch them. this is a must for every mecha fans....really.
  2. kaki tori kaizoku
    i will, i just started gundam 00 and FMA: brotherhood and tsubasa resivoir chorincles, so i got my plate full. ill try to watch them when i can.
  3. rematche
    this is why you should watch nadesico... and macross...
  4. Akaryu792
    who here has played armored core 4??? because whenever i try xbox live no one ever plays >_<
  5. rematche
    me...but that was a long time ago. now i'm playing super robot wars and sd g generation games.
  6. kaki tori kaizoku
    hey i made a few siggys, three actually. 2 transfromers, in honour of the new movie
    and a gundam siggy. wanted to do a siggy of the older gundam series but its hard to find some high quailty pics. do transformers count as mechas? anyway tell me what u think of them.
  7. LuisCastellari
    Hey, any Brave fans out there? I'm starting to get into Brave series, but so far the only one I've watched is Dagwon. Any other series like that that are good? O_O
  8. itano123
    i love mechas and gundam and code geass has the best
  9. rematche
    ................................................yo u're talk to one now.
  10. LuisCastellari
    Yay! Which Brave series do you like the best? Currently I'm verging on Mightgaine...only because it involves trains...I haven't seen it...
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