1. LenfestAndrewP
    OK, first objective of business, get more members.
  2. neko nathaniel
    lol thats really not how it works lol my self i think thar are to many grups thats are just 3 people and less
  3. Vonscurse
    Well now this group has four members and who knows maybe it will continue to grow.
  4. neko nathaniel
    ya u just got to give it time but i think i might talk to the owner ov this sit and see if he can delet the grups that never post like the ones at the end of the list i also think its rong to have a grup of just 2 people that wont let any one els in
  5. madmarvin
    Well people there is five now, so hopefully it will get bigger then we just might have an army
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