whos your fav character from monster?

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  1. deiuchi
    i really dont know who my fav is but i would have to say "anna".
  2. 01marth
    I liek really confuse about monster i miss ost of the show all i know is their looking for someone or something and people killling each other so.....
  3. swampdonkypickle
    my fav must be tenma cause he is like the main character.
  4. 01marth
    HMMMMM INteresting well sry to say i am still lost wat going on really
  5. deiuchi
    tenma got hit by a car and this one guy is going to kill the devil.
  6. 01marth
    interesting but wat about the other ppl in the show it just confusing now but watever i get it soon
  7. deiuchi
    i really dont no eather havent seen it for like 2 weeks now. it sucks cause im grounded.
  8. 01marth
    Well i believe the show is in about the 60 espsode now if i rite unless they start over just trying to find a other show to put on
  9. mike44
    Have to go with the doctor. Lots of interesting characters, but he has to be my favorite. By the way. I just signed up for 'Anime Online". I was checking out the various groups, and this one caught my eye. Does not look like a very active group, but I'm always willing to chat if anyone is interested. Not just about Monster, but any Anime. I would like to hear opinions about what is worth watching. Always looking for new stuff.
  10. thefallenangel
    mine would have to be Tenma and Yohan!.......................................
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