Mythical Creatures

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  1. Blair13
    *laughs* Your laugh is weird. XD *snickers* I out rank you by three years. Yay!
  2. ccamo
    yes, but mentally I'm older. *eats a wocky* What's a wocky ne ways?
  3. Blair13
    So you say. *laughs* You mean 'P'ocky? Hahah, I hope you know what pocky is.
  4. ccamo
    nope. what is it? if it's perverted send it to me over pm.
  5. Blair13
    Lol no no, it's a japanese cookie! XD It's like a stick but it's dipped in stuff like chocolate or strawberry fondu. Nya, it's awesome!
  6. brokenxgirl
    hello peeps
    im new and this club sound awesome
    any1 know any really gory animes i can watch
    with mythical creatures in???
  7. secret lover
    I'm new here but I hope my craving for blood doesn't disturb you.
  8. ccamo
    it doesn't bother us. nice pic. it looks like jacob black when he transforms. lmao!!!!! j/k jacob is really hot and so is edward and jasper and emment. Talking about twilight just so u no.
  9. Blair13
    *To Brokenxgirl* Have you tried Blood+ or Trinity Blood?
    *To secretlover* No no not at all. Heh.
  10. Blair13
    Twilight is frickin' awesome nya. I luv it. I've read every book at least six times over, except for Breaking Dawn which now just came out. T^T
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