Mythical Creatures

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  1. brokenxgirl
    to blair13
    well once when i cut myself i licked my blood hope tht doesnt freak any1 out
    oh what is the story of twilight???
    it sounds good
    how many episodes r there??
    would it b a waste of time it theres loads of episodes 2 catch up on?
  2. ccamo
    don't worry when I get cut I LICK the wound clean. Idk, it may seem gross but I think my blood tastes good. tehehe. Twilight is about a human falling for a vampire but not like the Dracula stories. HA HA HA I've read breaking dawn. FREKIN' AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. brokenxgirl
    ok sounds cool
    how many episodes have there been of twilight???
  4. ccamo
    there are no episodes. It's a book. Their coming out w/ a movie of it.
  5. brokenxgirl i soundedd really stupid
    i casnt find any manga/anime books and its really annoying me
    when is the movie comming out?
    are the books already out???
    anyway bye take care every1
  6. ccamo
    yes the books r already out. The movie is out on the 21st of November. The books are Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse, Breaking Dawn, and Midnight Sun. But Midnight Sun hasn't been published yet cause someone stole it from her. So she don't no if she's making it or not.
  7. brokenxgirl
    ok how m,any volujmes of the books have been out of twilight??
    and where do u get the books from???
    how r u?
    every1 had a good time @ bonfire night last night???
    hope u all did
    take care
  8. ccamo
    4. wal-mart, k-mart, I'm fine. u? NEWAYS, they are really great books.
  9. brokenxgirl
    ok cool i must try and get them somewhere
    how is every1??
    take care bye
  10. ccamo
    hey everyone! I created a group called TWILIGHT LAOVER'S!!!! You guys have to join it!!!!!!!
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