Mythical Creatures

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  1. brokenxgirl
    ok i'll join when i have time ok
    how r u??
    what have u been up 2???
    take care bye
  2. ccamo
    I'm okay. I finally got a boyfriend! I am pretty scared though because I'm starting to fall for him and last time I fell for a guy, I got my heart broken.
    Really I haven't been up to a lot.
  3. brokenxgirl
    dont b im sure he wont do tht 2 u

    i did kinda have a bf but i dont know if he likes me or not were friends but he doesnt really say i love u anymore
  4. ccamo
    that sux. ne ways, he told me that he was falling for me and I told him the same thing. He told me he would never break my heart, but you can't relly promise that.
  5. brokenxgirl
    well some promises do tend 2 break but im sure thts not the case in ur situation.......what u have 2 do is try and thin of the worst and if it does happen u know what 2 do... what im trying 2 say is plan 4 it so if it does happen u know how 2 deal with it.....if u know what i mean but act natural and just hope 4 the best.
  6. ccamo
    Thanks for the advice. Lasy night he told me that he loved me and I told him the same thing. I wasn't saying it cause I felt I had to, I was saying it cause I meant it. I just kind afraid. But I hope that everything works out with me and him.
  7. brokenxgirl
    ur welcome....
    i hope it works out 4 u 2 *gives hug*
    *waves* bye bye take care
  8. ccamo
    Yeah it's working out. HE hasn't been talking to me on the phone. I thought he was avoiding me but he was just grounded. Whewwwwww! *wipes sweat away*
  9. brokenxgirl
    im glad its working out 4 u,ibet ur glad tht he wasnt avoiding u!!!
    gotta go bye*waves*
  10. ccamo
    yep! HEY GUYS............ What's ur favorite "mythical creature" and why?
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