Naruto 3000

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  1. Zero666Mitaki
    ok,lets start with favorite characters then.mine is garra and itachi hands down.they both kik major ass......more so itachi but garra is still kool.
  2. atreyu
    whats up this is awsome new clan sweet .
  3. atreyu
    message me matt now .
  4. scorchrocketlauncher
    i want to be aprt of the cool naruto group too!!!....!!....
  5. Akaryu792
    awesomeness more people we need more so go go go go go go
    go XD
  6. zuzu
    lol im new to this club *grins* hiii all 8D Call me zuzu and and ..i forgot what i was gonna say ._.
  7. Zero666Mitaki
    well,so much for my conversationo well.i tried right?
  8. Akaryu792
    all answer ur favorite naruto character dont matter whether its shippuden or normal naruto mine is ........tobi!!!!!
  9. scorchrocketlauncher
    Tobi is pretty cool, being one of the sole surviving Uchiha....good choice. Mine myself is the one and only Kazekage of the sand, Garra of the Desert.....dont mess with Garra he will kill you. lol
  10. Zero666Mitaki
    ill drink to that scorch*takes a beer and chugs it*hes awsome.HE PWWWWWWWWNS!!!
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