Naruto 3000

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  1. Akaryu792
    tobi is really madara uchiha who is the strongest uchiha ever
    i wonder if madara or sasuke could copy gaaras jutsu with sharingan even if its not as strong as the original
  2. Zero666Mitaki
    that mix would b scary!though u are one can perfect gaaras jutsu(like that dumb ass that used earth instead of sand and tried to kill kakashi.....didnt work out though.his imitation was sadning)
  3. scorchrocketlauncher
    I like tobi dont get me wrong, but Utachi said that Madara (aka tobi) was weak, and he no longer held the spot for the strongest uchiha....but you never know in the ninja world....danged ole deception
  4. scorchrocketlauncher
    I kinda liked Asuma too bc he went out with a bang when he died cutting dudes head off and all, then he said goodbye with a farewell last was cool
  5. Akaryu792
    no madara is still most powerful because he has eternal mangekyo sharingan and sasuke only other uchiha and since he didnt take itachi's eyes wen he died he goes blind from using mangekyo sharingan to much o nd i hate how asuma dies that douchebag hidan using his cheap moves to kill him
  6. Akaryu792
    o yea forgot me, zero, sargathis, and my friend zangen r gonna do naruto cosplay but were gonna make our own akatsuki members from the ones that die nd im gonna get my hair cut shorter and dyed black then we r gonna spike it down making it look bad ass, im gonna wear a mask like kakashi wears to cover his face and wear anti sound village headband around my neck
  7. Zero666Mitaki
    Im going with Pein's outfit and ring but I am gonna use an anti-sand village headband instead. Plus, Im gonna get Gaara's demon eyes, including turning my eyes black. Its gonna b all I need is some money......
  8. mdog081193
    I've been gone way to long!!! !!
  9. Akaryu792
    anyone else gonna say who their favorite naruto character is??????????????????????
  10. scorchrocketlauncher
    high pitched voice thats not mine: Hi, this isnt scorch but my favorite is Gaara, he he he..he he he
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