Naruto loves Group

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  1. ReiWolf
    hiiiiiiihihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiii
  2. zuzu
    Whats uuuup? lol why so many "i's" i mean i dont think you need that many.....weird lol
  3. cojoe5
    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.............wazzz why invite me
  4. death2all4
    Why so much excitment dude your avatar is why I did it.
  5. death2all4
    Hey guy nice to meet all of you my names Doug.
    If yall ever.
  6. Genma758
    lol wow so that is this social group about huh? i mean im totally fine with it just wondering are we gonna talk about naruto? id say that the hinata in this world is beautiful to me and the naruto in this world is perfect for her..only one person besides me will understand it right u know who u are lol he he he..ur my world
  7. cojoe5
    Genma thats alittle werid....but ok just speak your im only here because of my avatar....thats sad.
  8. death2all4
    Dude don't worry about it its mostly because your one of my friends.
  9. Genma758
    a little weird man? he he he lol its ok man i love speaking my mind for instance that isnt a very god avatar man its cool and all but u have to choose one of tham and sasuke is not part of this group im sure
  10. Genma758
    but i was wondering? who here thinks is a perfect hinata by character not by apperance but even tho they are both beautiful they both have different hair color and both are the same personality..they know who im talking about lol
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