rosario vampire

  1. Princess Ashe
    discuss rosa vamp here

    who is your fave character? yukari. which is best moka or inner moka? inner. human tsukune or ghoul tsukune? human.
  2. Halo
    inner moka is way hotter, and somewhat kind of like a twin sister, if they decided to bring out season 3, i want a character like zero from vampire knight to be in it and act as mokas twin
  3. Princess Ashe
    yeah that would be cool. but inner moka wont like another vampire being round
  4. Halo
    well true, but her twin (which is zero) would be tougher than she is, and her kicks wouldn't do **** to him
  5. Princess Ashe
    ah... a twin. but zero is so different and i know that zero is tougher than moka. and dont swear!
  6. Halo
    *bow head in shame* sorry, and ya, zero is different, but if they ever fight (like siblings) who do u think would win the argument?
  7. Princess Ashe
    not a fight fight then. hmmm..... zero has lost an arguement to yuki many times, but moka is different and zero has the experience so i would say zero, and you?
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