vampire knight

  1. Princess Ashe
    discuss vampire knight here. who's your fave character? mines zero. which do you like better human yuki or vampire yuki? i like the human yuki.
  2. Halo
    well i like zero to, the silver hair and the attitude is my kind of guy to be, but i say vampire and human yuki r both good
  3. Princess Ashe
    yea, they are both cool, i guess. zero not your fave?
  4. Halo
    he is, i wish i was like him, it so awsome! why did it have to end like that way it did?!
  5. Princess Ashe
    shhh!!!!! i havent seen the ending yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Halo
    neither have i lol *laughs* i really want to tho, to actually see how it ends
  7. Princess Ashe
    yeah? same here you know?
    i'll get to it........................................
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