Nine tailed fox clan

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  1. kaki tori kaizoku
    so whats happening here? so i guess ill be shikumaru then, i don't mind, he's pretty ok anyway. and no prob Genma758, it happens alot with me, i do that alot too, so i don't mind, thats why you never judge a person by the avi.
  2. Genma758
    well it was a accident and i am sry if i made the mix up it wasnt meant to be. my apologies about that. but dont have to have shikamaru f you dont want to you know it was just a suggestion... anyway nice to meet you names michael.
  3. Genma758
    ok well i am sry tho if i offended you in anway i am sry. well you dont have to be shikamaru it was just a suggestion anyway. but thats your choice tho ya know? anyway nice to meet you names michael
  4. Genma758
    my apologies i guess that my comp was being slow so i saw that i didnt write anything but i guess i did sry lol dont mind me i just missed it thats all
  5. cojoe5
    we are all brothers and i don't have anymore gold member sorry.
  6. kaki tori kaizoku
    i don't mind. im fine with shikumaru, his an ok character anyway.
  7. Genma758
    oh sry cojoe its ok to still add me anyway just for the fun of it and we should see if we could connect to eachother did you happen to add me at all? ok shikamaru thats good then lol im ok with it if you are. so how is everyone doing?
  8. kaki tori kaizoku
    me im fine. really busy though, got a major test tommorow, like if i don't pass then i won't graduate, but im not really scared though. then friday and monday i got rehersals and a preformance.
  9. Genma758
    Thats good then im happy for that. You still in Highschool? Wow lol i really am behind on things lol. anyway yah im in class right now have to get back right about....in2 minutes ha ha ha lol yah anyway. Senior?
  10. jonny
    so whats up everyone sorry i havnt been on the clan in a while
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