Nine tailed fox clan

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  1. death2all4
    O yea genma I have a pic of what I actually look like in my album.
  2. Genma758
    well yah i have seen it bro have u seen mine its in my pic alblum as well
  3. Zero666Mitaki
    thanx for the invite guys.i needed to find a better naruto group anyhow........lovin the pics.u guys seen what 6 tails looks like yet?he suppose to look bad ass.i tried to c a pic at school but it was blocked.he suppose to have the fox's skeleton on him or something along those lines.he transforms into that after he sees Hinata getting hurt by pein.
  4. mere
    sorry about that genma/lee i just don't like u to fight that's all..... i wouldn't want anything to happen... ur so strong i shouldn't be worrying like that i kno... but it's just how i am *blushes a bit*
  5. cojoe5
    SAKURA CAN BREAK EVERY BONE IN YOUR BODY WITH ONE is so cute thats why I nearly craped myself when she died in the shippuden....T-T....
  6. Genma758
    dude there is real hinata here in this chat bro she is right in front of u she is the real deal as well.
  7. Genma758
    its ok not saying ur name i think its disgrace to call u that because it doesnt symbolize anything that u are. for now mack
  8. Genma758
    everyone listen up the mere you see here is named mack call her mack not mere i dont want to catch anyone calling her that again or if anyone calls themself mere ill be very angry everyone here is far from that word that word is disgraceful and is very upsetting. this is a friendly warning as a brother of u all please do not use that word"mere" ever again ok thankyou all. and mack its ok i know u do i know ur sry its ok
  9. mere
    i didn't mean to upset u genma..... im sorry... and well...yah... *blushes* thanks for sticking up for me like that.. but it's not their fault for calling me that...i created that nick name... thank you means much to me....
  10. Genma758
    its ok i just dont like that name but ur name is mack u should be treated as it ur not less than all of us..u may be greater than us. but ur not that name its all ok dont worry everyone here respects u ok? right everyone?
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