Nine tailed fox clan

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  1. Zero666Mitaki
    And me of course.......just like I stated about.......4 posts ago. Still plenty to choose from.
  2. Genma758
    whoops i forgot Zabuza i forgot you were him lol that works lol i thought you were Gaara well scratch that and put Zabuza there lol Gaara is now free lol anywa yah lol
  3. jonny
    wow well i guess gaara is available im less confused now cuz i was thinking who was gaara
  4. death2all4
    Well if I can get him to join "garrakiller" we will have a garra.
  5. cojoe5
    im not sure how many pages im behind but im not looking....sooooo....wats new?
  6. death2all4
    Well you sure have missed a lot dude so what you been up to say.
  7. cojoe5
    not much....except im going to the prom on friday..........................
  8. death2all4
    Wow dude with who you sure are lucky I can't go till next year.
  9. cojoe5
    well see im actually going with 4 different mom says im a pimp but im not
  10. death2all4
    Well then I wish I could be like you to go with 4 different girls.
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