Nine tailed fox clan

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  1. jonny
    ok i will and if im not on for a while its cuz im not allowed on a computer cuz of this weekend i got grounded and lectured almost beat the shit out of my dad the same day i got grounded cuz he threatened me
  2. narutard bugboy
    man thats tuff dude. as for the rpg im all set and sicked lets do it. and I think it should be limeted to people
    of this group only
  3. jonny
    yeah i agree with kankurobut at the same time wat if they dont want to join the clan cuz they dont got a good understanding of it if they would join the rpg and not be a member then they might get a better understanding and join the clan
  4. jonny
    oh and i wont be on saturday or sunday cuz im in school while im online at the moment
  5. kaki tori kaizoku
    bad news you guys, won't be able to give this rpg as much of my time as i would hope. just found out i got another big show coming up, like one with 30 different acts, so im going to have my hands full with being stage manger. ill still be able to participate just not as much as i hoped. one of u guys can start it already in the rpg section ill just join in.
    one of u guys know how to start a rpg in the forum right?

    incase you don't

    1- make a thread in the rpg ideas section.
    2- get five ppl to say they will join. which i think we have already
    3- after that we have to get the approval of the rpg mod(chiefblackhammer)
    4- after all that. chiefblackhammer will let us make a character thread( where we say who is who) and occ thread( talk about the rpg/ pot ideas etc.) in the occ chat section and then in rpg forum is where the rpg starts
  6. cojoe5
    hey guys im in this rpg on this website and we need more people to be mods and or players if your interted....the site is come and check it out when ever and join if you want.
  7. jonny
    ok ill check it ourt but i cant promise ill join if im not shure watits about
  8. jonny
    sucks i cant create an acount yet unless i am on but i cant be on that during school and im not allowed on the computer at home
  9. cojoe5
    hold on dude were changing the configurtation a bit
  10. cojoe5
    do it anyways you don't need to activate on if it needs activation ill get it activated for you from here
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