Nine tailed fox clan

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  1. kaki tori kaizoku
    im shikamaru. smart and lazy. and loves to nap. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  2. jonny
    im zabuza and trust me i almost beat the shit out of my dad already for threatening me the same day i got grounded lol
    my bro had to pull me back and i was still trying to go at it
  3. ILoveUzamakiix77
    did yuh use yuhr water style coulda worked. lols
  4. jonny
    but thats too painful to do to my bro to get him off unless i did water clone jutsu lol
  5. cojoe5
    true thats why you should use Dynamic Entry with a clog on and shove wood up his a$$
  6. jonny
    naw ima shove his own foot up his ass especailly cuz hes pissing me off thrying to make fun of the one person thats always been there for me out of my freinds
  7. jonny
    im finally allowed on the computer when i might get arrested cuz i been put down as a runaway thanks to my dad and he never took me off too top it all of its been 3 weeks since then
  8. narutard bugboy
    that hella sucks man. whats your dads problem ?
  9. jonny
    the fact that he wants every one out of the house and says were the reason my mom dont marry him when its cuz he hasnt changed and it the rapist he will always be
  10. narutard bugboy
    dang thats heavy man .
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