Nine tailed fox clan

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  1. cojoe5
    lol....kill him i've been bored too but im just manly trying to survive the summer.
  2. jonny
    same here i think by the end of the summer i wont be able to walk again and be shot at
    also got to get this bich on check now
  3. jonny
    damn where did every1 go i hardly am on now and i never see you guys on anymore
  4. narutard bugboy
    sorry dude Ive been busy lately. that sucks about getting shot at. where do you live?
  5. jonny
    up in vegas at one of the getto areas over here wat about you
  6. narutard bugboy
    I'm stockton area. yeah thats pretty heavy over there. got some of that crap over here but
    not anything close to whats over there
  7. sasumekun12
    hey how do you make your on clan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????PPPPP
  8. narutard bugboy
    just go to social groups. itll bring up a list, scroll down to the bottom of the box and click on make social group
  9. jonny
    hey i dodnt know thats how you create a social group lol i have hella relatives in stockton
  10. neko nathaniel
    lol ya i just made a new one ''all about anime'' woo looking to make it bigger lol so whats every one up to ?
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