Nine tailed fox clan

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  1. jonny
    nothin just chill'n over here wat have you been up too
  2. neko nathaniel
    nm just bin working on my drawing lol im really good lol ijust like to inpruv lol
  3. narutard bugboy
    you should upload some pics of your drawings so i can c them
  4. neko nathaniel
    o i cant do that on my psp bu i have some in my pics
  5. jonny
    alright post them i wanna see them too it must be intresting
  6. neko nathaniel
    lol cant u just go to my profile and git in my pic and see them and thats mesed up i got a warning because i posted a thred to one of the sight that i go to,to wach my anime and thay sed thats bad thats just messed up if u ask me the dude wanted sume shows to wach and i told him and told him the best place to go lol
  7. jonny
    that really sucks man i dont think i would be to happy if i was told that
  8. neko nathaniel
    ya but thats life for ya lol nuthing u can do about it now lol
  9. narutard bugboy
    yeah there are some ppl on here that are really strict. youy might have posted on a dead
    thread. i got a warning for that to
  10. neko nathaniel
    ya thats what i did like i sed o well lol nuthing u can dow about it now
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