Nine tailed fox clan

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  1. jonny
    i saw it a couple of weeks ago on 65 but i got cable you might have something else
  2. narutard bugboy
    im talkin online. i dont have tv .
  3. kaki tori kaizoku
    u try they should have it. its too bad that there is a limit on how many videos you can watch in a day.
  4. narutard bugboy
    cool thanks. man y does the 2nd season nt start where the first left off it sucks
  5. kaki tori kaizoku
    no problem .
  6. jonny
    oh lol i feel really stupid but yet i havent been able to think completely with all i gotta do lately
  7. death2all4
    dang what is it with people getting hurt these days I haven't got hurt yet but I hope everyone gets better.
  8. jonny
    trust me i think that everyone will get better me ill always get injured though its in my nature besides i will do crazy and stupid things at moments
  9. death2all4
    Well I will have to get use to that so whats with all the crazy moments.
  10. jonny
    im just like that i mean i burned myself late at night helping my cousin sauter this bike together its a model bike when we were bored
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