Nine tailed fox clan

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  1. jonny
    i was wondering when ppl would show up lol i thought ppl abandoned this group im fine wat about you
  2. mere
    yah i dont believe many ppl that are in this group come on here anymore its kinda sad but hey im here and im glad to here that u are doing f ine ^^
  3. 01marth
    Man this group is dying wta the piont of having a group when they dont do anything man lol it only a few of us talking here man
  4. mere
    yah there seems to be a declineing amount of people visiting this site its kinda sad but hey what can u do right?
  5. jonny
    thats a lot of pages i had to go through to catch up sorry i havent been here in while
    and lee thanks for standing up for mack she is hella cool and i dont like that old name so much either i just cant say wat she is called or not i think its up to her
    honestly i thinkk this whole group does act like a family too
    hope everyone has been good hit me up if you wanna talk ima try to be on more
  6. mere
    pretty oks well yah my bf's comp got a virus so its kinda lame but well i still text him so its not too bad
  7. jonny
    that sucks im sorry hope his computer is fixed soon so how has everyone been
  8. mere
    im doing fine who about you ? its so desolate on this site lately
  9. Darkbird the Scarred
    If Sasuke isn't taken, then I would like to be him.
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