Nine tailed fox clan

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  1. Zero666Mitaki
    wait whos lee now?......and why?ugh,my brain hurts.i hate it when i miss things
  2. death2all4
    Dude I'll fill everyone in when I get home Ok see all of you then.
    PS. By the way genma I know here really name Ok.
  3. cojoe5
    Well I see everyone is still ranting.....kind of funny and kind of you need a chill pill.....Mere or Mack as you like.....I really don't think that you have the right to tell us wat to call Mere....(Sorry to repeat anything that may have been said I only read three parts of the conversation)
  4. jonny
    atleast you read that i mean i just read a few too less than you
  5. Zero666Mitaki
    woah,time out evryone getting nicknames on here or something.BLAST,my head hurts
  6. jonny
    yeah i think so i mean im zabuza cuz i like zabuza but yet i wasnt told of much yet
  7. Genma758
    sry guys no probs right? i dont havea prob with anyone here...its just that the name mere is a bad definition thats all guys i just dont like it sry. well cojoe your right i dont have the right but i do what i want like you do. we are all here for our own reasons and im here because naruto and hinata asked me to come. i consider myself a lee but if that isnt possible ill go by the name Genma as you all know he is 4th proctor in the chunin exams. he did the last matches before the village was attacked. i heck love that guy he is so cool tho he really is he took on the sound 4 with riado by themselves and nearly destroyed them if they didnt have orochimarus gift they would have all died right there but i really like lee he is the only original ninja here on naruto thats all. but come on guys dont worry i love all of you. your all family here right doug? naruto? naruto? uh oh...he isnt here ohwell he will get this when he gets on. anyway i dont mind either names either lee or genma but um nice to meet you the new zabuza and cojoe whats your name bro? oh um mack? he he he idk hi lol
  8. jonny
    well hi gemna and im dont know if your asking for my name or someone else
  9. cojoe5
    Well Genma you make one hell of a point and I have to admit I consider myself Jiriya the PERVY SAGE....OOOHHHH YYYYEAAAHHHH!!!!! to answer your question about my name its Cody....Nice to meet you Jonny aka Zabuza.
  10. mere
    hey Genma Zabuza, Jiriya, Naruto ... wow how great... he he he.. and genma he just worries about me....the name doesn't seem suited to him that's all.... i made this account when i was extremely depressed last year... thus the name mere... but i kinda grew on me and a definition is what u think of a word when u hear it.. for ...a few ...ppl now when they hear mere.... they have tendencies.. to think about me's kinda nice tho... ^^ but any name would b the same way i would assume ....bye guys lol u all seem very kind.... and great as well...
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