Nine tailed fox clan

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  1. death2all4
    Well guys are you all going to talk when I'm not or are yall going to wait for me.
  2. jonny
    who knows im copletely lost as it and nice to meet you too cojoe
  3. Zero666Mitaki
    oooooo,i wanna have a kool naruto name.i call.......Kimimaro!cause hes awsome!that or, i like my first idea.w/e worx for u guys i guess.
  4. death2all4
    Well thats your choice not mine I'm just the leader you all decide your names.
  5. yinyangAio1
    lol wow that was a lot of reading to do so I could ketch up I'm Coty...don't get me mixed up with cojoe please mine's spelled with a "t" not a "d"
  6. Genma758
    lol wow everyone here is cool nice to meet you coty its a pleasure um kimimaru is awesome i belive thats a good name if you like to drag around your bones on the outside of your skin???lol jk i go by so many anyway my real name is...uh oh...i forgot it...i have to many names lol Genma works lol i have others lol. hey naruto how come your never on when we have these awesome conversations? hey jiraya? what are you up to?
  7. Genma758
    oh sry i forgot to say hi to everyone else he he he im funny like hello everyone else i missed...hi mere how are you today? he he he anyway nice to meet all of you. so coty what shall we call you? maybe sakura? ino? maybe a jounin? lol yah coty you come up with a nam ok lol he he he this is fun im having fun what about everyone else?
  8. Genma758
    he he he you must be trying not to get caught in class on Ao huh hinata?
    lol its hecka funny lol i can be on whatever i want during class he he he lol...just kidding i take that back lol. but yah your funny tho lol
  9. Genma758
    why am i the only one anyway later guys ill get on tonite some time ok? ill definetly talk to you all so anyway um lets say right now the time where im at is 10:10am ok? ill be on all day most likely anyway so its ok anyway later til then you guys. he he he ME Genma
  10. cojoe5
    hey ying i only spell my name cody in here but i really spell it sorry....oh and Gen im not up to much....and as a fininishing phrase from the show *Im not a little perv....Im a big one..(Wiggles fingers in a weird way)*
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