Nine tailed fox clan

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  1. yinyangAio1
    lol aww that's just confusing cody umm...idk who I'll be...I'll let someone chose for me...I'm not good at that kinda thing
  2. jonny
    yeah not many people are i mean i honestly wouldnt care what youu call me i just prefer some nick names over others
  3. cojoe5
    thats good how is everyone.................................
  4. death2all4
    Well seems all you guys are on talking waiting for me huu.........
  5. death2all4
    Well hey I see you join so what naruto character do you want to be.
  6. jonny
    yeah you know im still not shure wats going on so wats up naruto
  7. death2all4
    Nothing just getting more people to join us is all.
    And I don't know what character do you most resemble.
  8. jonny
    well i can be doing insane stunts and dont give up on anything im good at hand to hand combat and i think of brilliant things when i choose to so that might help
  9. death2all4
    Well what can I say you sound more like a shikamaru from what I can tell.
  10. jonny
    yeah i kinda thought so but who knows i might sound like someone else to other people
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