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  1. KeitaChan
    *Pokes Stormwolf twice* One for today and one for yesterday
  2. Renn
    *Pokes everyone* XD Nyaaahhhh!!! There now everyone is even!!! So, I just thought about the summer.....think of all of the noobs that will be here....>.<
  3. KeitaChan
    I think we'll be swamped and we won't have time to poke each other... Teehehehe
  4. Elocinixcz123
    hope you don't mind me asking... what's with the poking???...
  5. katsoyori33
    HEY, EVERYBODYYY! What's going onnn??? *pokes everybody* RAWR!! ^_^
  6. Wolfboy
    Hola everyone! I finally joined AO!. Hope to talk to ya all soon!
  7. tokini
    hello everybody!!!!
  8. Renn
    Nyaaaahhhh!!!! Wow, more members!!! That's so awesome!!!! *hugs everyone* That makes me so happy!!!!!
  9. Wolfboy
    You hugged me? Sorry but I already have a girlfriend . Lol.

    So how is everyone????
  10. Stormwolf
    *Huggles Wolfboy* Nyaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I win.

    Im good. And yes Renn. More people lolz.
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