The order of the black knights

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  1. receiverofhell
    and also there are many repeated events in CG right right?
    Lelouch's Death
    The battle at El Alamein
    The battle at the Narita MountaiN!(sorta like of the last stronghold of Japan in WWII)
  2. receiverofhell
    Oh yeah....I wanna cry when Lelouch forced Shirley to forget him!
    It was really a heart breaking moment and further more when Shirley died! I really cried out!
  3. kaki tori kaizoku
    yeah its true, there are alot of similar events.
    yeah i almost shedded a tear when lelouch did that.
    shirley's death made me cry so much. i cried so much cause of code geass.
  4. receiverofhell
    this one was nothing but....I just realize when I re wacthed CG:Lelouch of the Rebellio(r1)..
    I think it was ep 24of r1 when Lelouch killed Euphy!
    I whispered some words like! OH SH*T! and also BULLSH*T you Lelouch why did you kill you? although he was your first love after all?
  5. receiverofhell
    What do you think Kaki on that scene?
  6. kaki tori kaizoku
    it took a while for that scene to really sink in for me, i just couldn't believe that he would kill her. i think i said something like that too. euphy was a real innocent character wasn't she?
  7. receiverofhell
    Oh,yeah you right Kaki,Eupht was an innocent character after all that she did was for Lelouch and Nunnally's sake
    because of a line that Lelouch said on the 1st(Geez I really don't remember it but it somewhat relatively close to a festival or something like that)
    That Euphy made a.a...a.....a GODDAMN announcement that made Lelouch really mad!
  8. receiverofhell
    and also I have a....a...a..>.A somewhat feeling that I can't express in detailed form but I can still manage to teell some detail of it...
    here ii goes..
    on the episode when Rolo killed Shirley(shortly aftermath Lelouch have a reconciliation with Jeremiah)and he sees Shirley half dead(although Lelouch used geass again in Shirley but...Shirley died because...ugh...It's not of the bussiness).............
    I would like to cry and wail at that time when I watched that episode!and eventually murmuring again my self like this(**** YOU ROLO!,why Shirley have to die in that time although Shirley didn't tell anybody Zero's real identity)of course that was Rolo's instincts in order to hide Zero's real identity(Lelouch!)

    So what do you think guys on this one huh????
  9. kaki tori kaizoku
    i know. if i remember correctly lelouch said "any order at all... for example if i told you to kill all the japanese" episode 22. too bad about that.

    yeah it was rolo's instinct to protect zero but Shirly didn't really deserve it. oh why do the good die young?
  10. 01marth
    Dude i know man they all die n they did not even fight back man but the heartbreaking one was rolo try to help lelouch n then he tell he hate rolo hope he dies n at the same time the baclk byttal zero n try to kill him n then rolo come to save n he use he code geass too stop time over n over again but he was dying trying to save his fake brother no matter wat n the funny part was when lelouch try to talk he can only say a few word at the time cause rolo use his geass to stop time for 5 sec man i cry when he die n shirly to n euhinia man she did not need to die man it should have been her sister who die but i like the end when lelouch tell his freind ti kill him n save japan even if he must die
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