The order of the black knights

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  1. receiverofhell
    Are there anyone else would bring new discussions cause I'm pretty bored right now...
    Just saying Konnichiwa Lessangel!
  2. Akaryu792
    wouldnt it be awesome if there was a CG game where you design your own pilot and create your own knightmare frame aww that would be sweet especially if it would let you choose to be part of the black knights or britannia
  3. receiverofhell
    Yeah! that would be totally pure awesomenesss and if anyone out there is Computer Science graduate developed the game and the rest would be in the hands of the public!
  4. kaki tori kaizoku
    another game to add to my wishlist of games that should exist.
  5. receiverofhell
    I wish that game would be developed..
    I will add this game to my wish list on Santa Claus!
  6. Akaryu792
    XD thats awesome well im puttin it on my wishlist for sandy claws get it anyone???
  7. Ashes
    Teehee, Sandy Claws from Nightmare before Christmas XD
    I'd be on the black knights side if that game were ever created. I love their black knight uniforms, it's so black... And knightish XD
  8. Akaryu792
    id go with the zero outfit without the goofy helm i mean lelouch looks more awesome without it but yea total black knights and i would base my knightmare off of the lancelot albion and the galahad
  9. 01marth
    If u going to be Zero u need to have the smart nest in battle n use it not only for victory it also to show the world something that the meaning if the true Zero is trying to do.............................................
  10. receiverofhell
    Thr True Zero is manipulating stragetic evil? slef-suffficient DUDE like Lelouch who wants to kill either anyone or nor everybody(execept Nunnally)........
    Lelouch is a EPIC! EPIC! character to be remembered!
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