New to the Organization? Introduce yourself here

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  1. kaki tori kaizoku
    I'd like to welcome all the new members to the organization. with such a big group now, why don't you introduce yourself. So don't be shy ,ok? we won't boss you around too much, lol. only joking.

    ill start. im member no. 0 kaki tori kaizoku
    fav. kh game: birth by sleep
    fav. organization 13 member: axel of course
    fav. video game: ff dissida
    hobbies: making amvs, GFXing,playing video games, drawing, and playing piano.

    well if you have any questions don't be afraid to ask, ok?
  2. 01marth
    Question u just said to introduce ur self first n now ur asking if their a question what with that n my bad i forgot intorduce myself i member 13 the last one unless their a member 14 lol but i do agreed what u said so member dont be shy now or else
  3. kaki tori kaizoku
    i meant, if you had any questions about the group. not about my introduction. lol.
  4. 01marth
    Oh my bad well just wanted to clear things up i did not want anyone to be confuss at all just making sure
  5. animekairi
    umm... hi! im animekairi! uhh... lets see here.... my person in this group is Xion, the newest Organization member.(you kno her from the new kh game 4 ds btw i hav the game) even tho im in the organization, my fave kh character is kairi. and i kno this is really random, but my hair looks just like kairi's! anyway, if anyone sends me a frnd request, i will not reject it! -^^-
  6. 01marth
    Well hello animalkairi wecome and that wonderful i quite jealous dont have ds but get it for ht the psp n that so awesome hair style lol
  7. 01marth
    .................................................. ................................................
  8. animekairi
    tee hee heee! vry funny, marth! hahahahahahaahhahaha
  9. 01marth
    Wat so funny about it it bad A$$ lol your just to embrassed lol relax take it as a complement then kay
  10. KittyEmperor
    Hello, the name is KittyEmperor. I don't really have a favorite character because I like them all. I'm always looking to meet new people.
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