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  1. kaki tori kaizoku
    welcome KittyEmperor. thats good to hear. so whats ur favourite game?

    on a side note.i got Birth By sleep today. yay!!!
  2. 01marth
    Yes wecome new member I number ummmmm..... hmmmmm...... totally forgot but anyway wecome hope to hear ur thoughs about the organzations and awesome leader...
  3. Namine
    Hello, I am Namine. My favorite character is Riku. He is the serious one among the keyblade wielders. I don't have any Kingdom Hearts Games, but my ex-boyfriend did and I got to play them. They are amazing. I also have a Kingdom Hearts Manga. Well, I hope one of you talks to me soon, Bye.
  4. kaki tori kaizoku
    Hi Namine, welcome to the organization.I have the manga as well. I apologize for the late reply. which games have you played?
  5. Princess Ashe
    hi, i'm ashe, big FF fan, course but then i love KH too, of course. well... er.... i love roxas heres how i found out he was also sora
    chris- hey did you know that roxas is sora
    me- no!!!! that cant be!!!!!
    chris- it is, member sora turned into a heartless?
    i nodded
    chris- well roxas is his nobody
    me - NO!!!!!!!
    chris- yep
    me- so thats why roxas disappeared?
    chris nodded
    me- and the guy in the underworld called sora roxas?
    chris nodded
    me- oh. but i still love roxas better than sora
    chris- your choice
    yeah, thats how i found out. and i still do love roxas more, roxas is awersome. so is axel, awersome i mean
  6. 01marth
    OKAY Princess ASHE I bet some of the meber know of this already and congrat Namine btw what system are u playing on?
  7. MoonandStarsAbove
    My name is MoonandStarsAbove, My favorite KH game is KH2, my favorite organization 13 member is Axel, my fav video game is FF12 and my hobbies are reading and writing.
  8. emo princess101
    Hi im new at col i luv KH!
    my fav org.charac.are...axel,roxas,xemnas,and of course XION...even if....
  9. 01marth
    Wecome all more members has join gald to hear your though about al KH games.
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