Organization XIII

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  1. kaki tori kaizoku
    everything is gone, all my rpg memory was on that card, all my countless hours of playing video games gone. all my saved files got fried. i lost, .hack, rogue galaxy, steambot,xenosaga, all my final fantasies, dragon quest, Kingdom hearts, shadow hearts, everything is all gone.
  2. Fuji James
    Fuji James
    Thanks for the advice on seph , Ktk and Zero666. What you guys up to?
  3. Akaryu792
    AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! THATS WEAKSAUCE i would not ever want that to happen to me, my ps2 broke but i still have my xbox 360 which has a hard drive cant wait for ff13 and
    ff13 versus
  4. Fuji James
    Fuji James
    Dude whatis the difference between FF13 and FF13 versus? I just dont get it :P.
  5. Akaryu792
    dude ff13 u play as some chick ff13 versus u play as a king if u have a computer that can play vids go to youtube and look up
    ff13 versus and he is bad ass he wears all dark and has red eyes and in the trailer he had bad ass swords float around him and they all then formed into a weapon cant really remember if it was a gun or sword but i remember it was ****in bad ass
  6. kaki tori kaizoku
    fuji there are some pics of both the ff13 and ff13 versus in my album and the group the final fantasy.
  7. Zero666Mitaki
    ya,FF13 vs looks 10x better!i cant wait for it.definately chek them out on youtube.the king is awsome!!!
  8. Fuji James
    Fuji James
    Oh cool thanks guys. So is it like FF13 Versus your the bad guy? Both sound really good, Thats Ktk I will check it out .
  9. kaki tori kaizoku
    yup .
  10. Zero666Mitaki
    i didnt think u were the bad guy.i dont know the story line but regardless,im sure they r both gonna b bad ass!
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