Organization XIII

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  1. Negi Kusuragi78
    Hey there. I thought that the kingdom hearts 3 was called the Keyblade wars? not birth by sleep. Isn't birth by sleep supposed to be about organization XIII and Roxas. Im confused
  2. kaki tori kaizoku
    the one that your thinking of, the one with roxas and the org. is kingdom hearts 358/2 days. birth by sleep, is the one with the new characters, aqua, terra, ven. if you look at the trailers of that game you will see that they are knights. as far as i know the keyblade wars doesn't exist. i believe that is the "fake" name for birth by sleep. some people started calling birth by sleep, the keyblade wars, you can see why, the game is afterall the war of the keyblades.
  3. Negi Kusuragi78
    I guess i see what u mean. its cool and weird that ven looks like Roxas though. Isn't terra's character from final fantasy though? im just wondering.......
  4. kaki tori kaizoku
    i don't think terra is from final fantasy, those three characters are unique to the kh game, but im not a 100% sure, ill have to get back to you on that one. the two really do look like each other, they look like twins. thats not the only similarities the have in this game though.
    terra=earth riku= earth
    ven= wind sora=sky

    i think there is going to be another releationship between the two groups but, i don't know what yet.
  5. Negi Kusuragi78
    well Terra kind looks like Clouds friend Zach that died with aerith in the game. i just didn't know if it was him or not.
  6. kaki tori kaizoku
    yeah now that you mention it, he does, but no i don't think its him.
  7. Akaryu792
    who else here thinks they shouldve put sephiroth's brother's in at least one kingdom hearts game they are both awesom
  8. Negi Kusuragi78
    Im not sure about that. sepiroth was ok just by himself in kingdom hearts. but it would make a good twist if his brother was in the games
  9. kaki tori kaizoku
    who knows maybe they will. they are still making new ones so, maybe they will put him in one.
  10. Lilsasuke
    sephoroth was the hard person on the game it took me like 10 times to beat him
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