Organization XIII

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  1. kaki tori kaizoku
    @ hyper cat
    before u joined. the group wa to be an rpg of kh. but i kinda change that... because it didn't work out.
  2. Hypercat2000
    oh, okay, was confused there for a sec, so, this was supposed to be a RPG group? i made plenty of those already, so, i will be fine.
  3. anonymous
    oh yeah huh4 got
  4. garhett
    so we just talk about kingdom of hearts or do other stuff
  5. anonymous
    yeah .
  6. kaki tori kaizoku
    yeah i guess the discription above wasn't helpful. ill change that.
  7. Zero666Mitaki glad to c someone actually made a KH all tried chain of memories:RE right?i was kinda dissappointed but it was ok ultimately.
  8. kaki tori kaizoku
    it was ok, but i was expecting more from it. not one of my fav. kh games.
  9. Zero666Mitaki
    no kidding.KH2 is the best so far in my opinion.i cant wait for 365/2 and birth by sleep.i think they come out this summer.birth by sleep has a new enemy.i cant remember the names of them but they are blue instead of white or black.
  10. aka tanken
    aka tanken
    a new enemy?.... oh i know what u mean in birth by sleep they introduced unbirths. besides being blue and have red eyes i don't know anything else. if heartless are hearts corrupted by darkness and without a body or a soul and nobodies are the leftovers, then what is a unbirth?
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