P3 Persona 3 FES

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  1. NevesElocin
    Come on kiddies. Talk to me. You know you want to talk about persona with me.
  2. koga23
    I know i do !
  3. NevesElocin
    We have to at least get this conversation started. I want a complete list of your current persona and their levels. Also if you've completed any fusion spells...
  4. NevesElocin
    Ok I can not get any pictures on here and its frustrating the heck outta me. New mission find pictures and freaking add them!!!
  5. NevesElocin
    OMG!!!! There's a Persona 3 doujinshii!!!!! Its already this big!!!!! Ok I'm kinda done now.
  6. NevesElocin
    MEW!!!! Finally!!!!! I don't feel like I suck anymore. Although shame shame. Read some stuff and find out about the world of persona. That way we can all geek out together.
  7. NevesElocin
    Thankies Ko-chan for the sweet pics. Aigis-chan is one of my favorites of course. Well other than Mitsuru-sempai. Thank you!!!!
  8. Sneakyarrow
    I <3 Persona 3 FES. Any of you know how to fix a Broken Social Link (not reversed)? I'll post my personas later, my TV is being used. Right now I am trying to up my (original) Persona 3 guy to max stats, so I don't have to worry about them when I play on FES.
  9. koga23
    Your welcome babe, ill try to get a few more and add them up .
  10. NevesElocin

    To sneakyarrow: Continue to pursue the person and meet them everyday until they're will to talk to you...or spend time with you. This process is simular to trying to fix a reversed relationship but it takes longer. Take this course and you should be able to reestablish it.

    To ko-chan: Thankies thankies
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