The Manga of Pokemon

  1. streetman23
    So I was wondering, have any of you ever read the pokemon manga? The one I remember reading was the Electric tale of Pikachu back in middle school and I quite like it. What have you guys read?
  2. Trojan man
    Trojan man
    Ive only seen pokemon manga but sadly i have never read them T.T
  3. streetman23
    They are quite good and go into the deeper story of pokemon, giving each character back ground as well as being generally better then the anime lol
  4. raptor
    nah i havent i have benn playing world of war craft and pokemon on ds lol
  5. streetman23
    lol ya been pretty busy with heartgold, they sure did put a lot of new content into the game which is going to keep me busy for a while
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