Pokemon Black and White

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  1. streetman23
    wow it seems like Heartgold and Soulsilver just came out two weeks ago and now they are anouncing a whole new generation, #5. But from what I have seen its looking really good. So far they have said that the basics of pokemon are the same, however, they are revamping the towns and cities to take full advantage of the DS's 3D capabilities and making them larger with more to explore. And as for the battle system, it's looking like they'll be using 3D sprites and maybe something similar to Golden Sun's battle system (but this is speculation on my part). More news is going to be relesed in May 2010, and the game is slated for a Fall 2010 in Japan, so we might be seeing it in spring of 2011.
  2. Trojan man
    Trojan man
    I've found some picks awille back of new 5th gen pokemon and a new movie.Check Out links.

    NEW game

    NEW pokemon

    NEW movie
    Phantom Champion Zoroark
  3. streetman23
    awesome, Ya I've seen the pics and i thirst for more. If the deliver what they promise this might be the best one yet of the series. As for the movie, meh I kinda gave up on watching the series after Johto because Ash never changed it up, I mean how long does it take to beat a gym, seriously XD. Any how they should be coming out with some new info in may of this year.
  4. Xyore
    I love pokemon, but knowing that they're announcing a new game two weeks after Heart Gold/Soul Silver has made a great entrance just disappoints me. I apologize, but this is unforgiving. I just hope they can redeem themselves my making sure that Pokemon Black/White is at least 2.4x better that Heart Gold/Soul Silver. Otherwise...
  5. Trojan man
    Trojan man
    The creators or pokemon should make a 3D game that is just for the home console and that includes all 5 rejons and lets pokemon surpass lv.1oo as well as leting you start in what ever rejon you whant
  6. streetman23
    Dude yes, that is what I have been saying for a long time (I know they proabaly won't because they want to milk it for all its worth) What would be cool if they did that is if they had all the regions and each region had a ton of stuff do in it, you could chose where to start, all each region had its own elite four, with one central event that would take place once all the regions had been beaten, all legendaries, and as for the battle system something like the Tales or Star Ocean series where the A button would be regular attack and up, down, left, or right + B button would be the four special moves you can chose, and from there you would control your pokemon with the left thumb stick (pretty much like battle system for tales with the camera movement/battle field from Star Ocean). And for double battles, and A.I would control the other pokemon. The one problem I see in this is that the game has to be on the 360/PS3 if you'd want it to look nice
  7. Trojan man
    Trojan man
    Complex battle sistam aside it whould still make a good game im happy whit the battle sistem used in "Battle Revolution." (its funny when you use Seismic Toss in the game)
  8. lessaangel
    Wow i cant believe this i want Black and white so bad lol
    The game looks awesome and aint it coming out like in 2011??
    Well anyways im going to get it!
  9. streetman23
    ya it is looking good, though some would say Nintendo should hold it and make for the 3DS instead to give a nicer look
  10. lessaangel
    lol i think ur right streetman23 lol
    But wat if it came out on ps3?
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