Pokemon Black and White

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  1. Trojan man
    Trojan man
    I seariudsley dout that nintendo will go to the PS3 or the up in coming "PS move" besides dont forget about how nintendo created colleseum and XD for tha game cube.
  2. streetman23
    well if they did it right it would be so beautiful that no one could play it because they would go blind from its greatness
  3. lessaangel
    lol so wat if it becomes better and nakes a new nintendo system>????
  4. raptor
    wow that would be crazy to put it out on ps3
  5. Trojan man
    Trojan man
    I found the starters for BLACK & WHITE whitch do you guys pick I pick the grass one

  6. streetman23
    well that would be down right explosive and wonderful. But of course we'd all go blind by the sheer beauty of it XD. That aside, having pokemon come out on the PS3 would be very interesting to say the least
  7. Rabanastre
    well guess wat was released in japan on september 18, 2010 it was pokemon black and white
  8. Rabanastre
    and there will be a new ds called the 3DS and all games will be in 3D and you wont need glasses to see it
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