Powers Galore

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  1. Hypercat2000
    The mind powers are called Psychic powers, i own most of those.
  2. yinyangAio1
    yeah I know what they are called...I just don't know how to spell everything and I'm a perfectionist so if I can't spell it I don't type it you own most of them? care to explain that a bit?
  3. Hypercat2000
    Well, as you said before, there is mind erasing, but there is also mind control, mind bending, picking stuff up with the mind, and being able to read some peoples minds.
  4. Peach_follows
    A stickler on technicalities Hypercat? Mind poweres must be reffered to as psychic powers? Well then you also know you can be a little more correct technically speaking. Some more correct terminolgy would be telepathy, telekinesis, television (mind control) lol. And living in the US you are likely more of a victim of mind control than you are an OWNER of the ability. Its not very hard to control aspects of anothers mind.
  5. yinyangAio1
    True true...it's easy to control a person's mind or how it thinks anyway...especially if that person has a low self esteem. Television is the most common but anybody with a strong mind and will-power can control the weaker for that matter. Put in that light, I'm a victim and an owner...an owner most of the time
  6. Hypercat2000
    I am an owner of Psychic because i own at least 3 spell books on them.
  7. yinyangAio1
    you have three books on HOW to spell them or actual spell books? jk...so if you have them then where did you come across these artifacts?
  8. Hypercat2000
    Ummm... i got one of them from my best friend because he said the book "haunted him" then i got the other two from my Great grandma before she passed away.
  9. yinyangAio1
    Do the books have any date in which the author might have wrote in these books?
  10. Peach_follows
    Being an owner of books does not make a person an owner of any "powers". It makes you the owner of some books. Psychic abilities are something I believe most, if not all of us are capable of attianing (without the aid of "Spellbooks"). However maany of us are unable to tap that into minds, to have that in depth of perception. Most are unaware that they ARE capable of tuning in more closely to the forces at work in the universe. Or how much we can affect them.
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