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  1. Kiani Haki22
    That is true sara....thats why I don't write poems all the time when I feel it is right I write.
  2. Lasura
    Yah, that must also be the reason why I haven't written a poem for 8 months now... Of course I have had really sad moments, but they are too owerlwelming to write about. The rest of the time, when Ray (he's my bf!!! ^^) is around, I feel far too good to write anything that sounds better than "Violets are blue, roses are red, I went to garden and saw a poo" >.< (ok, I rather not write poems at all)

    EmoNightmareRose has a real nice story though!!! ^^ You should check it out in the fanfic section, it's called "a witch story"

    And Sara has some nice sigs ^^

    Oh and yah I just joined and I hope no one hates me >.<
    In short, my ex dumped me, then hit me in the face, because I didn't want to take him back unless he stops drinking. I haven't talked to him since, but at least I'm hearing he has finaly stopped his hard drinking.
    Now I'm with Ray, he makes me very happy, but he lives like on the other side of the world... it can be quite depressing sometimes, but he helps me (and many other people around here as a mattter of fact) stay optimistic ^^

    I'm very sorry for your loss katsoyori and Sara, but I'm glad to see that you are still standing strong and I know you'll be very fine ^^

    And to EmoNightmareRose- if a girl, guy leaves you and doesn't appriciate what she/he has, she's deffinetely not worth even thinking off. That's my first rule of relationship and it has helped me through a lot (the only time, when I didn't really listen to this rule, I got hit in the face, duh!)

    Anyways... I promise this is my last long post >.< Cheers!
  3. RayMe
    :P hey... why am i not invited here? oh well.. mind if i crash in? ^^
  4. Lasura
    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^ Ray... at last some life in here ^^ See how empty it is? *wind blows, black leaves fall from trees* Creeepy... seems like there's no love in AO at this time

    I hoped you'd come here yourself ^^
  5. RayMe
    gee... some powerful hope that is... dragged me here without noticing..
  6. Kiani Haki22
    Yeah before I entered here is was like standing in the middle of a desert...nobody there to talk how has your guyes love lifes been going???
  7. RayMe
    mine... i don't know how to say this.. me and Lasura's is.. growing.. now it's real big! i could say.. but... its coming to a halt... and a next move must be done... that is.. i must meet her.. the problem is.. *looks at her* we live too far away.. pretty sad na?
  8. Kiani Haki22
    yeah...I am sorry.....I wish you could meet her....but thats too bad she lives to far away.
  9. ketaro
    Ray, anything its possible in life buddy, if you really wish to see her then don't bring up the distance issue, it will just make you feel sadder. Think positive buddy and you'll see that, that dream you have to meet her and to give her all the love you have for her will come true . Just make sure you don't screw up when you two meet ok ^^
  10. RayMe
    Thx ketaro and Kiani... ^^ thats what we both been doing.. she hopes i can get there.. im doing my best to get into a university there.. we plan to see each other.. hopefully by next year.. ^^
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