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  1. Lasura
    Eh, you will easily get into a university here :P The problem is to get the money *buca hard* I'm sure you'll make it though

    And don't overexaggerate, it's next year by summer :P School doesn't start till September ^^
  2. RayMe
    I don't exactly know when dear

    Yup.. money~ can you all donate into "ray's fund" so i can study and meet Lasura? jk
  3. ketaro
    Ray, get a job buddy ^_^, lol jk. Do you accept small donations or big donations?
  4. Lasura
    Well it's no use of comming here before summer

    lol silly ketaro. Though it's not such a bad idea *wicked laugh*
  5. Corvus
    It's a public group and I'm in a relationship with an amazing girl so I joined. Hopefully I wasn't overstepping any boundaries.
  6. Kiani Haki22
    No you were not.....I am happy your in a relationship with an amazing and I am pretty sure she is lucking to have you.
  7. PhoenixSara
    ****am still tying to date ****sometimes it's tiring and uhmmm still miss being in a relationship
  8. Lasura
    geee... I've never missed being in a relationship. I've had times when i think I won't be into one ever again though.. .people, if you ever think that way, don't trust your feelings *rolls eyes*

    But I bet you'll be fine ^^ maybe you should stop trying that much, just have fun with the dates you have! ^^ You might be just expecting from them too much or something and therefore they don't feel right ^^
  9. Corvus
    Relationships are a major help to happiness but are not a necessity. Onceyou figure that out an dyou just enjoy being yourself the right guy/ girl will eventually fall into your arms. When people have confidence in themselves they have a certain magnetism. Everyone likes a person who is just themselves, not trying to be anything special for anyone not trying to be better then anyone; just the people who are simply trying to live like everyone else.
  10. EmoNightmareRose
    i was just wondering, so far, what has been one of youre guy's worst case of unrequited love? and how did you deal with it?
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