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  1. Corvus
    I'm best friends with my worst case of unrequited love. It sucked really bad at first because I really really liked her a lot (this was like 3 years ago) we hung out a few times and I asked her if she'd liked me and she'd said how do you mean, then, 'not like that no' when I'd explained andsomehow we ended up becomming friends, then best friends.
  2. PhoenixSara
    Well i think i am being too much of a friend not much a girl friend since am always busy ! but hey i ain't complaining maybe just need to try and trust is all. my best friend told me that i have to try because so far i have not been trying. **still hurting a bit**
  3. Corvus
    Hurting is natural, although to put it in perspective you only feel like you're hurting because you've lost something wonderful and have been forced to return to a normal existence. There is reassurance in knowing that there is a right guy out there for you and that every realationshi you have can only make you better for that guy. In your case more capable of trusting him. Trust is essential in a relationship almost as essential as love.

    I believe that I've been made a better man for the girl I'm with right now. And believe me, I want to be the best that I can for her. She's just that amazing to me. For some guy, you'll be that girl. Until then, stay strong =P
  4. PhoenixSara
    I know that but trust is a big issue with me and from what my sister is saying i have to learn it again.
  5. Corvus
    Trust is a part of everyone, it's nature not a skill or talent or some piece of knowledge to be lost then found again. You have trust born in you, it's the hurt that you need to lose ^^ then the trust comes back on its own =P
  6. EmoNightmareRose
    im going out w/ blissnoma!!! yeahh. i hope it works out she seems nice
  7. Kiani Haki22
    OH....I am soo happy for you emo.......I hoep too that it works better watch out someone is wanting your girl though.
  8. PhoenixSara
    well for those who found someone hope it turns out well.
  9. Corvus
    Sara... quit being so glum on yourself. I already told you that there is someone out there for you too. the fact that you haven't found them yet just means that fate needs a little more time to make them good enough for you. So be patient and before you know it, the word will seem a better place in their arms.

    I don't want any comments on how sappy that was...
  10. RayMe
    (im going out w/ blissnoma!!! yeahh. i hope it works out she seems nice)

    Remembers what happen in flash thread.. o.O my.. you got a fiesty one there.. good luck Emo ^^

    and yes i think she is nice
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