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  1. Kiani Haki22
    Awesome PHOENIX............................I hope you have fun XD
  2. PhoenixSara
    hello everyone sorry i have not checked in lately hope all is well with everyone
  3. PhoenixSara
    My heart now lies on the floor broken in two
    All because you can't decide what to do.
    yes we'll be friends , this i can take.
    but please don't play and make me cry again.
  4. NevesElocin
    Spouting poetry now? I like it here already. Can I put a little love in this?
  5. PhoenixSara
    lol sue neve.....welcome ..............(looks around) hello? ****************listens to echo
  6. NevesElocin
    Hehe Sara are you all alone? I'm here. I'll take good care of you...
  7. PhoenixSara
    thanks Neves ......seems like the others are like busy to post.........
  8. PhoenixSara
    How badly are you wanted ?
    Post this and see how many you messges you get, don't be scared.....
    1 just friends
    2 gorgeous
    3 cute as hell
    4 and above hotness itself
  9. blackrose92
    heyy^^ im new here lol i just wanted to say how was everybody ^-^
  10. edgar123junior
    hi i need help ilike this girl alot but idk know if she does will spen most of the time tegether and will o ways have fun so idk what to tell her plus i have cancer so i only have 1 one year left before i die
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