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  1. mangalovertje
    Hi I'm new here...
    *Waves at everyone*..
    First I'm sorry to hear that...
    And for the help...
    Maybe you can tell her when you two are alone...
    And slowly begins to tell her... I shouldnt tell her just like that in her face...
    Or try to look at her how she acts around you maybe you can see something at her...
    I dont know if that helps..
  2. captianspaz
    And even more awesome I just joined my second group and I feel bad for u dude edgar123junior it must stink to have cancer.
  3. dannyhart
    hi i am new and looking for friend i would like to meet some body that a girl
  4. mangalovertje
    hi welcome here...
    how are you both..??
    G2TG..* waves at them*..
  5. PhoenixSara
    weee quiet its too quiet******************************************
  6. EmoNightmareRose
    Hi guys, check out my story Scythe the Legend of the archangel, and tell me wht you think.
  7. lessaangel
    hey long time no vistit here and
    so whats been happening?
  8. chelsey
    my ex bf was asshole and i dont care about and he cheated on me and i forgive him for that than he when and break my heart for the 11 time so we break up for good now and now im have a new bf he is very nice and sweet and he is cute and he is my best bf that i had
  9. dark angle
    dark angle
    My last relationship was good as so I thought until I really got to know him all we ever did was fight and argue and he thought it was right to hit girls..... I try to give him my opinion on it but he was stuck in him own was and was being total ass hole and I broke up with him but tried to be friends be he was still an ass hole and now we don't talk at all thank god. Now I have a new boyfriend and he is very sweet I love him so much and he never treats me wrong.
  10. chelsey
    no its not rigth to hit a guy should hit a girl thats just not rigth..if he hit a girl than he has no balls....bec guys are not allow to hit a girl in any way
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