RPG adventurers

  1. kaki tori kaizoku
    i thought i posted something here, already. AO must be eating post lol.
    hiya everyone. i thought that if the rpg had its own group it might help increase interest in it. besides i like to talk to the other players.
  2. wiccachick5
    i dont know if this post is expired and if it is... im sorry but add me wiccachick5....to the AO!!! i am a lvl 9 healer rank 10
  3. kaki tori kaizoku
    post here in social groups don't expire.
    anyway welcome.
    wait.... what are u talking about?
    are you talking about AQ, as in adventure quest?
    im talking about the Rpg the site has.
  4. AznZheng96
    Lol hmm im new to this site and i am not qualified for the rpg on this site yet but i will strive to become a community member so i can rp on inferno but till then can i stay in this group?
  5. kaki tori kaizoku
    of course. you can. everyone is welcome here. can't wait to see you in the rpg
  6. Halo
    well, seems like everyone is confused about stuff, lol, anyways, how r we gonna start this?
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