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  1. HirohikoZ
    For our first topic discussion I want to know everyone's RPG experiences. What got you in to RPGs and what kinds do you enjoy now?
  2. Saiyan lover
    It was my first RPG, Legend of Zelda- A Link to the Past, that got me into RPGs in the first place.
    The kinds I like now are MMORPGs and one player RPGs.
  3. HirohikoZ
    I think Zelda has always been considered an action style game rather than an RPG because although you do get new items and weapons and such your character never "levels up" which in my opinion is a trademark of role-playing games. Not to say that I don't like Zelda, its many franchised titles are also on my shelf.
  4. Hypercat2000
    thanks for the invite, anyway, Sonic Chronicles and the Dark Brotherhood was the first RPG i have ever played.
  5. HirohikoZ
    Not sure I have ever heard of either of them. I will have to look them up online. right Now I am into Mass Effect and Fallout 3.
  6. Hypercat2000
    hmm... i have to try those, i have played Dungeons and Dragons too.
  7. HirohikoZ
    D&D is classic old school. Where I live its been hard for me to find a group that wants to sit down and work on sessions.
  8. Hypercat2000
    hmmm... well, i certainly do, and ocasionally i am on World of Warcraft.
  9. HirohikoZ
    I was big into WoW up until a few weeks ago when my guild let me go....painful story. Anyway, yeah, WoW is still a great game.
  10. Hypercat2000
    I know, the only game i don't think i have tried is the Everquest one, is it a good game?
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