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  1. Legend
    I wonder if I'm really part of AO'S sexiest xD
  2. kedar
    I fail at this department.

    Appreciate the invite though. =)
  3. Cinlilly

    c'mon now, get in the spirit. XD A fun group for fun people. Besides, I have a great eye for spotting sexy people about.

    Although. . . ): I'm actually having a bit of trouble finding ALL the sexy people out there, there are just too many it seems. Woe. Help is cool? ;3

    Kedar: O: so you reject the sexy clan. . .
  4. GallComp
    I know I am not on the sexiest group, but I will join yours....
  5. kedar
    More like I reject myself (not the clan) from it.

    I can give you a hand? AO's S-list:

    Girls => eleonne (*), michiru726 (!), mahiru, Mr. K (? =P), Sazzy (!), Hold.Me.X.Thrill.Me, Abu Dhabi, Lasura, Aya-kun (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), stellar, and Shinku no kage. And dare I guess: Hassun.

    Guys => Soshi Kitai, chiefblackhammer, RayMe (for Lasura), SasuraiHell, Soldat of life, Miroku4444, and solking (for Sazzy). And Legend-san is already in and so are the others.

    No favorites, just good people I know and approve. =) And they are among the active bunch here on AO.
  6. Legend
    Thanks kedar lol. I better start working out again to belong in this group.
  7. aceman67
    Why am I not on your list Kedar?
  8. kedar
    Because you are a given! ;D
  9. LenMiyata
    Grumble Grumble Grumble...

    No, but not doubt its the grouchiest...
  10. aeonking
    Thanks for the invite.

    I thought Hassun was male, kedar?
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