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  1. Legend
    I want a Coneco Neco
  2. Cinlilly
    That sounds familiar, Legend.
  3. Legend
    You know Boom Boom Satellites?

    Well, it has NOTHING to do with them. xD
  4. Soshi Kitai
    GWAR! Platypuses, though adorable, are very dangerous. X_X
  5. Sazuka
    Shut up and explode, Legend. Shut up and explode.
  6. Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi
    who else here wants Dr Pepper? i sure do! yessum indeed!
  7. Legend
    I crave Dr. Pepper once in a while. Right before I shut up and explode.
  8. Cinlilly
    xD I see. I need to download more from Boom Boom Satellites.

    My wlm DN is Shut Up and Explode.
  9. Soshi Kitai
    Y'know what'd be strange? Coke-flavored fruits/nuts.

    ...like, what if Coke was made of a natural ingredient that tasted like Coke?
    That'd be odd.
  10. Legend
    You know what else is odd?? Having to take a shower with bar soap. :/
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