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  1. ketaro
    C'mon guys, what's wrong with the links i provide? There is nothing wrong with them, they are funny and lulzy ^_^
  2. iluvmyloser
    You forgot weird .
  3. ketaro
    This is exactly why we can't have nice things.
  4. Legend
    hey kids, don't do weed. Cuz it's really lame and not as advertised.
  5. Cinlilly
    :I I think I'm going to have to take down some of these pictures that don't seem as sexy as the picture I uploaded.

  6. ketaro
    Ahhh, c'mon my kittens are the sexiest of all T_T

    ps: lol Legend, i get the feeling you have done it and it really sucks so you dont want these kiddies to do the weedz.
  7. Legend
    I agree cinlilly, by the way remove your pic too xD I am sure that is not you!!

    @ketaro: yeah your feelings didn't like to ya.
  8. solking
    hmm you sure you did it right Legend?

    remember its deep inhalation and then play tetris or something
  9. Cinlilly
    These pictures don't have to be pictures of yourself, silly. They simply have to be sexy pictures. You don't think the picture I uploaded is sexy? I think it's made of sexay. ;D Thus, it stays.

    lol @ solking.

    More thoughts on removing unsexy pictures?
  10. RayMe
    xD some pro kitty there... lets see... sexy pics? I think i have one or 2....
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